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Warehouse shutters, also known as industrial or commercial shutters, serve similar purposes as shop shutters but are designed to accommodate the larger openings typically found in warehouse environments. Here’s some information about warehouse shutters:

  • Rolling Shutters: Like shop shutters, rolling shutters are a common choice for warehouses. They consist of metal or aluminum slats that roll up and down vertically, providing security and protection for warehouse entrances.
  • Sectional Shutters: Sectional shutters, which operate similar to garage doors, are suitable for larger warehouse openings. They comprise horizontal panels that slide up and down along tracks, offering durability and insulation.
  • High-Speed Shutters: These shutters are designed to open and close rapidly, allowing for quick access and minimizing temperature loss in climate-controlled warehouse environments.
  • Fire-Rated Shutters: In warehouses where fire safety is a concern, fire-rated shutters are installed to compartmentalize areas and prevent the spread of fire. They are typically made of fire-resistant materials and automatically close in the event of a fire alarm.